Why I Am Running for Second District Representative

Greetings, Welcome and thank you for visiting my campaign website. My name is Kelvin K. Ampofo (5-Spr 98-Omicron Epsilon) and with your vote, I intend to serve as your 37th Second District Representative. The Right time, to make the Right choice, is Right Now! I am here to continue to serve the brothers of the Mighty 2nd District as the Dependable, Efficient, and Fervent leader that you have elected. I look forward to serve as your next District Representative as I offer my 5 ALIVE platform, and goals to INSPIRE. My 5 ALIVE platform is my vow to provide Authentic Leadership with Integrity and a Vision to Execute. My goals to INSPIRE offer benefits and privileges for ALL brothers.

  • Increase the recognition of brothers.
  • Nurture and mentor our future leaders.
  • Secure internships and career opportunities.
  • Perseverance with a purpose.
  • Identify & implement innovative ideas (from brothers).
  • Restore fellowship & friendship
  • Engage, encourage, execute

My dedicated leadership and unique training style will benefit every chapter in the Second District including our talented undergraduates.
I am the only candidate for District Representative who has served in the following roles;
· Basileus for a small and large chapter· Deputy Corridor Representative · Corridor Representative· District Keeper of Records and Seal
My brothers, companies look at qualified candidates, interview the most qualified, but they hire the best qualified. I am the best qualified candidate and I am asking for your Vote in Pittsburgh (2020) to serve as your 37th District Representative. I look forward in continuing to serve our great Fraternity, the Mighty Second District, and the brothers that make our Fraternity thrive.
I am asking for your vote and support at the 72nd District Conference in Pittsburgh, PA Vote “Pofo” in Pittsburgh!

Kelvin K. Ampofo

Thank you for your support

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